Special Operations Team (SOT)

SOTThe Broken Arrow Police Department's Special Operations Team consists of a group of highly trained officers who specialize in the area of tactical response and hostage negotiations.  The Special Operations Team is comprised of two groups, the Tactical Team and Crisis Negotiations Team. 

The Crisis Negotiations Team is made up of six officers, whose primary duty is to try and resolve a high-risk situation through communication rather than force.

The Hostage Negotiations Team provides intelligence information that proves valuable to the Tactical Team.  The Tactical Team is comprised of 20 highly trained officers who respond to neutralize violent crime situations.  If the negotiations process should break down, the Tactical Team develops an emergency plan to resolve the situation.

The Special Operations Team's main responsibility is responding to hostage situations, armed and barricaded situations and serving high-risk warrants.  An additional duty that has come to the force is preparation issues related to Homeland Defense.  The Special Operations Team continues to train extensively each month to maintain a high state of readiness.