Engineering / Construction


This department plans, coordinates, conducts and oversees all engineering and construction services for the City.

The department and its employees are responsible for the design of streets, stormwater systems, water systems, wastewater systems, and parks and buildings. With continuous development throughout the City of Broken Arrow, the engineering and construction division manages a large workload consisting of multiple high-profile projects aimed at improving the lives of our citizens.

The Director may also provide technical representation before various state and federal agencies. 

Helpful Links

Construction Schedule (PDF)

GO Bond Project Status (Revised July 17, 2018)

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5-Year Traffic Counts - Tulsa County (October 2017) (PDF)
Old Town Infrastructure Improvement Program (PDF)

Water Supply/Chloramination Process

Downtown Main Street (PDF)
Photographic Inventory (PDF)
Final Traffic Report Appendix (PDF)
Final Parking Study (PDF)
ADA Report (PDF)
Final Streetscape Study Lighting (PDF)
Final Traffic Report (Capacity Analysis) (PDF)

2008 Transportation Planning Report (PDF)
1999 Standard Specifications (PDF)
Traffic Counts (PDF)
Engineering Design Criteria Manual (PDF)
Flood-prone Property Transfer Instructions (PDF)
Flood-prone Property Transfer Application (PDF)
Administrative Regulation 3.1.1 (PDF)